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I have recently purchased an elna expressive 830l embroidery machine. I picked this machine because it has the biggest hoop in my budged. 

One week ago, I had an accident when the needle broke and its top part(the one that sew) got caught under the embroidery. I did not noticed that and the next 2 replacement needles broke in 10 stitches, when they hit the stuck part. I removed the stuck part when i took out the hoop out to check what was breaking my needles. 

My issue is that the machine is not accurate when it has to make contours. You can see that the contour of the red butterfly is way too outside. Same for spongebob body.

Could you please help me further. I have  checked if the hoop position is still good, and it is. When I acces hoop calibration setting, the center is fine. 

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