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V3 Embroidery needleplate screws

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HI I have a Brother V3 embroidery machine, ever since i got it i've had issues inserting hoops and basically lots of stitching and hoop problems, i ended up slowing it down to as slow as it will stitch to even get it to embroider, I ended up not using it for a couple of years, i went back to using last week and now that i know more about it, i don't think i have the correct screws holding the needleplate, the screws i have have multiple washers on them and cause them to stand proud by about 5 mm, this is causing the hoop to keep catching, I have a VQ2 sewing machine which is basically just like the v3 and it has flat head screws that sit flush,does anyone elses machine have these screws ? pic in the comment



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