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    Clothes repair: Changing a zipper in a jacket

    Clothes repair: Changing a zipper in a jacket

    If a zipper in your favorite jacket stopped working, don’t despair! Don’t be haste to chuck it. With a sewing machine at home, you’ll be able to repair it for a very small price. In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to change a zipper with a cord in a kids' jacket. The method used here is identical to the one in this article (link coming soon!).

    Changing a zipper in a jacket. Preparations

    To prepare for the job, you need to rip the seams open to remove the broken zipper, to buy a new one, preferably of the same length. Clear away the thread remnants.

    Ripping off old zipper

    Jackt with zipper ripped off

    Close to the teeth of the new zipper, baste the cord.

    Purple zipper and purple cord

    Cord basted to zipper

    Changing a zipper in a jacket. Sewing

    To sew a zipper, you’ll need two pressure feet: a standard zipper foot and a cording foot. Prepare your machine for cording. Choose a straight stitch, with the needle in the center position, and set the stitch length at 3 mm.

    Zipper foot and cording foot

    Stitch length set at 3 mm

    Place the zipper with the cording under the foot and stitch carefully.

    Adding cord to purple zipper

    Sewing purple zipper

    Purple zipper with cord

    After that, baste the zipper to the jacket, and fold the cording to the wrong side.

    Jacket edge folded to the wrong side

    Zipper folded to the wrong side

    Likewise, fold the upper edge of the jacket to the wrong side and baste. Make sure that the two halves of the cording are equal in length. Now install the zipper foot, and position the needle at the right or at the left.

    The side depends on which side of the zipper you’re going to attach first.

    Basted zipper upper part

    Basted zipper on the front side

    Sew the zipper to the jacket.

    The work is done, and the jacket gets the second life.

    Repaired kids' jacket

    Original text by Irina Lisitsa

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