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  • Machine embroidery on leather. DIY bracelets

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    Machine embroidery on leather. DIY bracelets

    Bralck and red embroidered leather bracelts

    Leather bracelets. Materials:

    • A piece of leather or faux leather
    • Dense interfacing material
    • Tearaway nonadhesive stabilizer
    • Temporary spray adhesive
    • Upper thread
    • Underthread
    • Machine embroidery design
    • A needle for metallics or for the leather

    Leather, stabilizer and threads

    Machine embroidery on leather: Tips

    • When choosing a design, pick one that is not too heavy and with satin columns in it. Designs containing dense Tatami fills might cut the leather, causing the design to fall out.
    • For your future bracelet, you can choose any shape you like and draw it in the editor, same way as you do appliqué.
    • As for the stitch types, motifs and lightweight fills, straight single and triple running stitches or designs with loose Tatami fill will do fine.
    • Choose a thin needle with a sharp tip; a thick one would cut through the leather, leaving a big hole in it.
    • Embroidery on leather requires commitment, for it is hard to rip off the already embroidered part, and the holes made by the needle are permanent.

    More information about embroidery on leather in the article This Mysterious leather. If you're interested in more articles and tutorials on the subject, please don't be too shy to comment! We’ll appreciate the feedback.


    Before you start, don’t forget to reinforce your leather with fusible/woven interfacing of a suitable weight!

    Machine embroidery on leather. Method No1

    Choose this one if you have a piece of leather of the same size as the design or bigger.

    Glue dense fusible interfacing to the back side of your leather piece. Hoop the cutaway nonadhesive stabilizer. 

    Sprinkle the stab with a temporary spray adhesive. Stick your reinforced piece of leather to the stabilizer. Load the design into the machine and change your standard embroidery needle for a thin one with a sharp tip, the one you use with metallics. Or, if the leather you’re going to embroider is thick, better choose a leather needle instead. Set your machine to the minimum speed.

    Many-colored design on black leather

    Machine embroidered design on black leather

    When it has finished stitching, detach the hoop but do not unhoop the leather. Instead, sprinkle the wrong side of the stabilizer with temporary spray adhesive. Stick another piece of leather onto it.

    Spray adhesive to the stabilizer

    Piece of reinforced black leather

    Wind the upper thread on a spool and attach it to the machine. Install the hoop back on the machine and zigzag through the layers to join them.

    Spool of variegated thread

    Zigzag on black leather closer look

    Design in a zigzar outline on black leather

    Having done that, remove the hoop and trim the leather along the stitched outline on the right and wrong sides. Cut close to the stitching line.

    Trimming the edges of leather bracelet

    Leather bracelet shape being cut out

    Future bracelet shape in the hoop

    Attach the hoop once more and embroider the last part of the design, the satin column.

    Stitching colorful edge

    Leather bracelet with colorful finish

    Leather bracelet shape wrong side

    Tear the stabilizer along the outline. Singe the stab leftovers with a lighter or candle.

    Black leather bracelet side look

    Black leather bracelet on embroidery machine wrong side

    Black leather bracelet lying on embroidery machine

    Machine embroidery on leather: Method No2

    For the embroidery on thin or textured leather, it is crucial to choose the right interfacing material (fusible or woven).

    Red leather piece and interfacing

    Interfacing material on top of red leather

    Intefracing under iron

    For bracelets, shirt collar interfacing will do splendidly. It is very dense and won't tear even when embroidering on a piece of thin leather. Lightweight sewing interfacing materials for the delicate fabrics or knitwear are not suitable for the job.

    The second method is handy whenever you have a small size piece of leather that should fit into a chosen shape. Load the design into the machine and attach the hoop.

    Embroider the outline and the first color of the design. Spray the stabilizer with temporary spray adhesive and press the piece of leather to it in such a way that it covers the stitched outline.

    The rest is done in the same way as in Method No1.

    Bracet outline on white stabilizer

    Piece of red leather with outline

    Piece of red leather with part of the design

    Machine embroidery on leather. Assembling

    In the corners of the ready bracelets, poke holes for the eyelets, using a pair of pliers or a hole punch. Insert the eyelet into the holes.

    Eyelet tools and eyelets

    A hole for an eyelet or grommit

    Hole in leather bracelet wrong side

    Pick up a grommet/eyelet setting tool and insert the eyelets.  

    Grommet setting tool and eyelets

    Black leather bracelet with eyelet

    Black leather bracelet with an eyelet

    Once they are ready, drag a chain with a clasp through them.

    Black leather bracet with embroidery and chain

    Black leather bracelet on hand

    Enjoy your bracelets!

    Finished red leather bracelet with embroidery

    Finished black leather bracelet with embroidery

    Original text by Irina Lisitsa

    Edited by Irina

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