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    Sewing in the hoop: An embroidered bag in the shape of a house

    Sewing in the hoop: An embroidered bag in the shape of a house

    An embroidered bag in the shape of a house

    For this job, you’ll need:

    • A hoop, size 20 x 30 cm
    • A design, size 20 x 30 cm
    • A piece of yellow fabric, size 20 x 24 cm
    • Two pieces of red fabric, size 20 x 8 cm each
    • Two strips of fabric for the eyelets, size 7 x 3 cm each
    • A piece of lining, size 32 x 18 cm
    • Colored embroidery threads
    • High-loft interfacing material (adhesive)
    • Tearaway stabilizer
    • A zipper

    If you’re going to use a Brother V machine, you’ll need to have the Premium Pack I installed to be able to enlarge the embroidery field to 20 x 30 cm.

    An embroidered bag in the shape of a house. Embroidery

    With an iron, fuse the high-loft interfacing material to the yellow fabric. Place a piece of tearaway stabilizer under the fabric and hoop them together. Make sure that the center of the yellow piece corresponds to the center of the hoop.

    Yellow fabric in the hoop and an iron

    Yellow fabric with stabilizer in the hoop

    Begin the embroidery. The machine will stitch the outline and make a stop.

    The outline of the future design on yellow fabric

    Don’t unhoop; place the red pieces on top. Fuse them to the high-loft interfacing material with an iron, fix the edges with glue and continue embroidery.

    A stick of glue, yellow and red fabric

    Fusing red and yellow fabric to stabilizer

    Trim the extra fabric from the scallops and embroider the rest of the design.

    Trimming scallops

    Yellow and red fabric stitched together

    The house embroidered on yellow and red fabric

    An embroidered bag in the shape of a house. Sewing

    Iron the embroidery and cut along the outline.

    Now create the eyelets. Fold the 14 3 cm strip of fabric in two, stitch along the longer side and turn the right side out. The ready eyelets should measure 7 x 2 cm.

    Two strips of fabric for making eyelets

    The future red eyelet

    Fold the strip in two and stitch it to the right side of the fabric with a straight stitch, as shown in the picture.

    Two red eyelets attached to the embroidery

    Sew the zipper to the upper part of the bag.

    Kids yellow bag with yellow zipper

    Yellow zipper pinned

    Stitch the lining along the zipper. Fold the bag, right side inside, align the sides. Stitch the sides. Leave 5 cm of the lining for the turning out.

    The wrong side of the yellow bag and the lining

    Kids yellow bag wrong side

    Fold the lower corners inside and stitch across, 2 cm from the edge.

    Stitching corners of the bag

    Turn the right side out and iron. Drag a cord or a band through the eyelets. It will serve as a handle.

    An embroidered kids bag

    Red and yellow kids bag in the shape of a house

    Two little girl's bags in the shape of houses

    Original text by Olga Milovanova

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