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This additional support for our embroidery store.

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Needle guide

Knowing your Needles The needle: Itís a small innocuous component of every embroidery machine that tends to get overlooked, even ignored ñ until it breaks. Even then, the typical response is to change it out and keep going. Small, inexpensive, rather boring, but extremely critical to the embroidery process. Without a needle, stitches could not be formed. Knowing your needles are critical. Needles have various. Needle Application While most shops are guilty of this or just do

Introduction to Threads

There is a wide range of thread choices available to todayís embroiderer. However, unless time is taken to experiment with different choices, they may never get a chance to offer them to their customer. Most new embroiderers purchase a start up kit with their equipment that contains one type of thread. They start with and continue to use this same thread as if it is the only style available, without ever considering if there is a better alternative. As it turns out, there are several types and s
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