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Green christmas tree free embroidery design

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About This File

Size 1:  2.02 x 4.11'

Size 2:  2.22 x 4.53'

Size 3:  2.42 x 4.92'

Size 4:  2.61 x 5.31'

Size 5:  2.8 x 5.71'

Embroidery: A Journey of Threads and Dreams

Embroidery isn't just a craft; it's a storytelling medium where every stitch is a word, and every color is an emotion. Imagine taking a simple thread and transforming it into a piece of art. That's the magic of embroidery!

Discovering the Joy of Stitches

Embroidery is like a dance of the needle and thread on the fabric stage. Each stitch, whether a basic running stitch or an intricate French knot, adds character to your creation. It’s not just about perfecting the art; it’s about enjoying the process. As you thread your needle, you're not just passing thread through the eye but also threading your imagination.

Colors That Speak

Choosing colors for your embroidery is like picking a palette for a painting. Each hue tells a story, sets a mood, or celebrates a memory. Ever noticed how a splash of red can symbolize passion, or a touch of blue can evoke calmness? That’s the power of color in embroidery.

Embroidery: A Timeless Tale

Embroidery links us to generations past and future. It’s a timeless tradition, a connection to our heritage. Each piece you create is not just a fabric with pretty patterns; it’s a legacy, a part of your story waiting to be told.

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Joves 2


Heel mooi ontwerp; bruikbaar voor verschillende doeleinden deze periode van het jaar. Knap gedaan

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Ostviertelad 59


Besser geht es nicht. Traumhaft schön. Jetzt habe ich bald schon ein Problemchen welcher von deinen tollen Dateien mein Kissen zieren soll:P.

Tolle Arbeit und großes Dankeschön

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Mila Oost
Mila Oost 655


Thank you! Special thanks for this beautiful design in multiple sizes. This allowed us to use it for many different projects. :)

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