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Hello - yes that is correct. But in this version  there is no colour stop/change command between the face and the bow as in the original. The face sews as you would expect but there is NO STOP to change the colour before sewing the bow. Hence the bow sews out the same colour as the face unless I stop my Viking Designer 1 manually by sitting at the machine and waiting until it sews bear the bow position the slowing right down to a stop so I can change the thread to sew the bow. It even shows that in my software (Willcom Trusizer and Tajima Ambassador where I can view the sew out.   


I  am sorry if I did not make myself clear..


kind regards

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Please understand me, we not listen about this problem before. Every embroidery design file have structure; thread- stop, thread -stop... This is standard stop command for machine before sew another color.
We add screen shoot from Embird - where you can see all commands. Also we send another file with additional stop commands (screen shoot created in Tajima).
Where you can see color stop command in Tajima Pulse software
Digitizing Hello Kitty embroidery design with color stop command
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