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This is easy.. Don need to much experience..

At the moment of creating sections, you can use the grid as reference, so that you can only place the nodes on its points and not anywhere else. To have the nodes adjusted to the grid during the section creation process, we use the “Snap To Grid” tool.


To snap “To Grid” follow these steps:


1. Select the grid style from the View ribbon and visualize it on screen.

On the right image, a "Dot" type grid on screen has been selected.

2. On the “View” ribbon, on the “Snap” group, click on the “To Grid” button.

3. Choose a creation tool and insert the nodes that will define the section. Note that these will automatically adjust to the grid points.

4. Press “Enter” to confirm the section.

Disable “To Grid” to be able to create again without adjusting it.

This is All.






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