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Greetings all, I would like digitize and sew out a huge embroidery design - it will be over 82" square when complete. I am trying to break it up into manageable pieces for separate sew outs but so far without any luck. Is there a guide I can read up on this or has someone done a multi-hoop sewout before that could offer some pointers? 

The embroidery design is going onto a wholecloth quilt and features an outline of feather border and a large centerpiece motif. Each element is being digitized with maximum hoop size in mind and can be saved individually, but I cannot determine a reliable method for ensuring correct placement of each hoop set in order to guarantee proper alignment.

Thanks for any help.

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I did a banner with 6 segments. I first created the entire design full size and made a print-out of it full size. I then made the 6 separate files sized for the largest hoop and and printed each of them. I put the first print on top of the fabric and and aligned each of the 6 hoopings over it and the fabric and could then put placement  markings on the fabric for each of the six segments. Hope this makes sense, it's hard to explain in words.

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Thanks for this.

What my wife has planned so far is to digitize 2 additional elements to each "hooping" in an "L" shape, at start and end locations (these are done with loose bean stitch to make them easy to remove). Call these design1, design2 etc.. The start "L" of design2 is digitized directly over the end "L" of design1, and so on. She will then also only hoop the stabilizer and use "505" basting spray to baste the fabric onto the stabilizer in the hoop.

Sewout would be (after design1 is done), rehoop with stabilizer, allow the first "L" of design2 to run *on the stabilizer only* then baste the fabric onto the stablizer, aligning the end "L" of design1 on the fabric to the start "L" on the stablizer. Run design2, sewing out the end "L" onto the fabric, rinse and repeat as required for all designs.

Any thoughts as to if this will be accurate enough? Anyone else tried this or another technique?

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