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Ordered a embroidery design for $4.00 and got charged .11 cents more?

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Payment system answer:

"BlueSnap processes all orders efficiently and securely through our wide international banking and payment processing network. Some banks are charging buyers additional fees for credit card transactions by expanding the definition of ‘foreign transaction’.

These additional charges are based on credit card association rules and regulations implemented within the past few years. They may be invoked for any number of reasons including the type and location of the credit card, the buyer, the issuing bank, the processor or the acquiring bank.

Unfortunately, BlueSnap has no control over how these fees are calculated by individual banks.

Please check with your bank or credit card company for more information about any additional fees you may have been charged."

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Hi there I had a hard time with the code on my I pad when o wanted to register, I am interested in your happy minion 4 embroidery design and the Lightning McQueen embroidery design, the only thing is is that I need the design to be no larger than an inch by inch and sizing down your design will really make the stiches smaller if you can respond if it's something you can do for me or not?

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  • diver361 changed the title to Ordered a embroidery design for $4.00 and got charged .11 cents more?
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