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Machine Embroidery Stabilizer  

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  1. 1. Which stabilizer you recommend?

    • Medium Tearaway
    • Tear away sticky
    • Fusible Mesh
    • Dissolve away (for FSL designs)
    • Heat removable topper
    • Cut Away
    • Water soluble plastic film
    • Вouble sticky iron on stabilizer for Patches and applique
    • Fusible nylon tricot interfacing

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There are water soluble sticky stabilizers on the market also. I like the I like the Tear. I buy mine from my embroidery  dealer. It is great because you can use it on terry cloth and when you remove it, it does not pull the terry.. What is left, you just soak and it dissolves. I only use it on washable items. As for the tear away stabilizer, use lightweight for lightweight fabrics. Maybe use 2 layers. You don't want to use a heavy stabilizer on lightweight fabrics. It will distort the design when you remove it. The rule of thumb is "the denser a embroidery design is the more stabilizer you need. As for cutting the bobbin threads, I have never had a problem with that. I have hand towels that I embroidered 14 yrs. ago that are still in tact. Just leave about 1/4 inch of the bobbin thread and it should be fine. You haven't said what machine you own. That could make a difference regarding the bobbin threads. (underneath stitches). I hope you aren't using sticky on everything. Actually , I hoop most of my embroidery designs. -  

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