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Santa Claus free embroidery design 10

If you decide to make an unusual decoration of the Christmas table, this project is for you. Santa's face can be the basis for creating original napkins. Your fantasy can work wonders with this creative project. Any shapes, fabrics and thread colors. Your guests will be delighted.

Size: 4.26 x 4.28'

Embroidered Christmas design

Santa free embroidery design as napkin



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Help please - I have downloaded this file several times. Every format I open says: This file appears to be damaged. Attempt will be made to salvage the stitches. ok or cancel I click ok and get this: The stitches from your file have been successfully salvaged. I click ok and then this comes up: This file format does not match the expected format for its extension. Native design may have been created in a more recent version, and up grading your system may allow the design to be opened. For another design file the source software may be creating non standard formats. Check with the source of the file.

Tried .dst and .pes - can't get either to work. Help! I would love to make these.

Thank you in advance.


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