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New to Embroidery but loving it

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Hi all,

Im new to embroidery, i have purchase some of the designs off of this site to practise, just wandering what the best stabiliser to use is? without leaving a rough surface on the inside? i am only practising on towels, daughters t-shirts and singlets at this stage...

also, whats the best cotton to use? I've noticed that several of the designs suggest Robinson-Anton? is this correct? something that i can purchase from spotlight? I'm after a wider range of colours, i have only basic colours that came with the machine at the moment and i need more to make prettier things.

Thanks so much,


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Hello Foxy
you may have found the answers to your questions from your posting. But if not, here is my answer
For the stabilizer, it is according to the tissue you work what is important is mainly the thickness depending on the type of fabric embroidery. Generally the stabilizer withdraws fine when you have finished your embroidery, you pull over and not embroidered parts remove easily.
Trheads for embroidery, you can use the ones you want, that your machine is set at the factory for a certain type of thickness (looks rensseignements on treads that you received with your box) when you exchange treads mark, he will think about the tenssions settle in your box or you could sometimes get jammed.
Generally speaking, this is not very important that a particular brand is used, you just pay attention to the thickness of treads. Also the color rendering is different depending on the materials used to make the treads, it is mainly that playing on the choices. For metallic treads, it takes a special metallic needle that is designed not to use the more fragile treads ;-)
;-) good fun

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I'm happy to help! Based on what you've said, it sounds like you are new to embroidery and have purchased some designs from embroideres.com to practice with. You are wondering what the best stabilizer to use is.

To provide you with the most helpful information, could you please tell me more about the types of fabrics you plan to embroider on? The type of stabilizer you should use can vary depending on the type of fabric and the design you are using. Additionally, could you also tell me more about the types of projects you are interested in working on? This will help me tailor my response to your specific needs and goals.

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