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Machine HAPPY brand, your opinion please?

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Here are some times I want to redeem myself a little jewelry.
I have currently a Janome MB4 (which always fails and I use little in the end because of that, I'm always afraid that I loose at work) and a smaller Janome MC9900.
Although I embroider for my pleasure, I'm frustrated for not being able to make more patterns (when one is passionate we always want more lol) when embroidering clothes back for example. At the moment I am quite limited, again, my biggest machine that owns 4 needles and would love to move to 15 needles, yarn change in the end it is quite tedious, what a waste of time.
By searching online, I came across HAPPY brand that offers very interesting price compared to the price of brands that we are home. I would therefore come from the USA because even with import costs and the purchase of a good voltage transformer unit,
the price is half as expensive as here . However, before I start, I would like opinions. Knowing in Europe, I do not think this is a very rependue brand and I may therefore have trouble finding a service maintains that take this brand.

Although prices of big Brother democratized much and becomes more accessible to the general public , I have a big issue with this mark (I owned when I started) I had many problems with, since that time I do not want to hear about (the blown engine after 6 hours of embroidery and customer service did not want to be claiming that I had broken myself, it is well known that people like to throw their money! !!!!)
In short, I like a lot Janome machine in their large public but their big machines (pro) do not have good returns, that's why I wish aquérir a new brand but left in my budget.
Happy and brand from what I've seen and read, has what I'm looking while remaining affordable.
What is the file format work for this brand? Is that the results are nickel? What types of treads are recommended?

Thank you for your clarification.

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