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EmbroideryWare Trial

The free trail version of EmbroideryWare lets you use all the features of the program for 30 days.  After 30 days DST output is disabled.  After your trial period is over you can continue to create embroidery designs and save them.  Then when you do purchase you will already have something to stitch out. 

EmbroideryWare runs on Windows 7, 8, and 10.  Windows XP is not supported.

This version has the following features

  1. Free Updates for one year
  2. Running stitches
    • Single
    • Double
    • Triple/Bean
    • Quad
  3. Fills
    • Custom fill patterns
    • Definable fill direction and order
    • Combine or subtract graphic objects to create complicated fill areas
    • Gradient fills
    • Automatic fill ordering
  4. Satin stitches
    • Fixed width
    • Tapered
    • Variable along its length
    • Linear and curved columns
    • Satin feathering
    • Satin patterning using fill patterns
    • Satin edge shapes
  5. Free motion embroidery
    • Fixed stitch length
    • By time straight stitch
    • By time Zig zag
  6. Advanced editing
    • Scale, rotate, translate, align curves or points.
    • Offset curves
    • Add or delete curve elements
    • Join or break apart curves
    • Precise dimension based nudging
    • Arrow key nudge
  7. Embedded objects within the graphic
    • Underlay
    • Start path
    • End path
  8. Embroidery objects
    • Embed an entire embroidery design in a graphic object
    • Link the object to a file on your system and any objects referring to this link will update automatically
    • Resize, rotate, and move the object and all the design elements in the embedded design will update automatically
  9. Import
    • SVG
    • PES
    • PNG, BMP, and JPEG bitmaps to use for digitizing
  10. Export
    • DST
    • SVG (future release)
  11. Decorative stitches
    • Chain stitch
    • Hand stitch
    • User created, can follow any path
  12. Text
    • Convert true type fonts to running stitches, fills and satin outlines
    • Digitized keyboard lettering which can be scaled and follow any path
  13. Patterning
    • Linear
    • Circular
  14. Cut work
    • 2 needle
    • 4 needle
  15. Hoop sizes
    • 360×350, 360×200, 260×200, 260×150, 120×120 mm
    • 5×7, 4×4, 2×2 inches
    • Custom
  16. Definable jump anchors
  17. Thumbnail view of embroidery objects
  18. Stitch simulator with 3D rendering mode
  19. Drawing aides
    • Rulers
    • Stitch length marker
    • mm, cm, inch units
    • Grid snaps
  20. Usability features
    • Keyboard short cuts
    • Status bar step by step instructions

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