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My new Janome 15000 embroidery machine

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hello, I had the chance to "play" a little with this machine at my retailer with whom I connected with a amitiée time and that leaves me a little touch to the machines ^^
In my opinion, this is a nice machine, its large comfortable screen is truly the + of the craft with its convenient connection without wire when like me, the work computer is not in the same room as the machine this said, since in any case it is necessary to monitor and change the treads, the final ca does not differ really transferred by USB to my opinion, this is a gimmick to give additional reason to sell ;-). That said, no big news side seams or embroidery. Janome but no longer has to prove its reliability, it is always very good machines that are fun to work with. I myself am a fan of this brand with which I started ;-)

What bothers me in these machines is the formula combined sewing and embroidery, I do not find this practice, made of having to change feet, the grid is a problem for me. I prefer to have two separate engine (especially if only one function is defective, it is the complete failure and we are left without a machine).
There are also in the price. Although this is very good gear, for that price, I prefer very much to buy a professional embroiderer + to several needles and whose quality embroidery is really better than those of domestic machines. Too bad their MBX against either really good, the format is ultra very edge for a "big", very noisy and embroidery quality worse than their public large machine (but that's my personal opinion) and this is their only model "Proffessional".

In short, very nice machine that allows a large embroidery area (I did not test the stitching function, but having had the previous version, I do not doubt that it is fine too) only HIC, Price, many very expensive in my opinion for not pro machine.

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I bought the Janome 15000 last year.  I'm still under warranty, and on my SECOND machine, getting ready to have my THIRD replacement.  There is a SERIOUS problem with the bobbin system on this machine.  First they blame the threading, then the thread, then the bobbin winding, etc.  I have sewn for 64 years!  I have used a Kenmore and a Pfaff all those years and NEVER had this issue, EVER, not ONCE.  But, this machine just will not stop bird nesting under my sewing.  I've changed threads, tensions, bobbins, needles, and speed.  NOTHING works.  This second one has been in the repair TWICE, and STILL bird nests.  I've cried, pick out stitches, started over, etc.  I believe it cannot be fixed as it is.  The bobbin JUMPS up and rattles and then the bird nest happens.  I think the problem is the removable bobbin case.  All my other machines the bobbin case was permanent and fixed.  But, these cases have to be removable to switch from regular sewing to embroidery.  This is a design issue and it is NOT being addressed.  IF this THIRD machine still does this, then I will ask for a refund.  I've never been so disappointed in a machine, not to mention stressed and frustrated.

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