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how do I get rid of initial 'center' stitch

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an embroidery shop closed a few years ago and I purchased its 4 head SWF machine and also the Embroidery Office 11 software. 

We know nothing about embroidery yet have figured out a lot of things and are using the equipment every day. We embroider phone #'s and names on our dog gear. We are just now starting to make baseball caps with designs.

Something that has vexed us since we started is that sometime the embroidery machine will start by make a first stitch, of it's own accord, that is centered in the design field. Sometime it wont make this stitch. I want to turn this function off. I am not talking about a stitch that is part of the design - this is something that 'just happens'. I don't know if this is the Embroidery Office software issue or a Embroidery machine issue. 

Any Insight will help

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Hi, I know it's late but better late than never.

I've used Sierra software for about 8 years now and I still can't get rid of that stitch in the middle, it's just something that's there.

What I do (and it's pure habbit now) is simply skip the first stitch of any design when it starts on the embroidery machine.

Sorry I couln't be of any more help.

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