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Hi,  I have downloaded a banner outline from Dakota and enlarged about 20%.  But when it sews out I see spaces in between some of the stitches.  I have read before there is a way to correct this but of course, it did not pertain to me so I didn't keep the info.   Would someone be able to tell me how to adjust the design?  I have Dakota7.

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Rose the rule of thumb is 15% up and 10% down. You have to remember that stitch files when resizing do not compensate for density. So your left with a couple of choices. Reprocess the segment in question buy using the stitch to outline file. Contact the company and have them resize it for you or reduce it to a size where the stitches don't break up.  If you only have Brother PE-Design (this home digitizing software) then one of these options mat not be available to you.

Sorry I cant be more help

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