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Vector Formats Supported    Tajima DG/ML By Pulse currently supports the following vector formats.

Adobe Illustrator (AI)    - Encapsulated PostScript (EPS) File size is limited. Use files less than 2MB in size.
                                    - Text is interpreted as "Saved as Curves".
                                    - No support for embedded clipart, gradient fillings, transparencies and compound path objects.
                                    - Support Adobe Illustrator up to and including Version 8.0 files. How­ever, some color information
                                      may be omitted in AI Version 8.0 files.

CorelDRAW (CDR)      - Corel Presentation Exchange (CMX) Support CorelDRAW Version 5 files.
                                    - When exporting files in AI format from CorelDRAW, turn off ’Simulate Complex Filled Curves’ for 
                                      the file to output correctly. Export files as AI Version 7.0.  
                                    - Enhanced Windows Metafile (EMF)
Windows Metafile (WMF)     There is currently no text support. However, converting text to curves is supported.

 Hewlett-Packard Graphics Language (HPGL) 
            Currently supports basic drawing (Pen Up / Down, Plot Absolute / Relative), text (Label - LB, Symbol - SM) 
            and configuration commands (DF, IN, IP, SC). Please see any HPGL Reference Manual for details. 

AutoCAD (DXF)           - Currently support the following DXF entities: point, line, polyline, circle, arc, trace, curves, and solid.
                                      Text entries are not supported. 

Note: If you have the higher levels of the software and the draw fusion option you can cut and paste from Corel or Adobe into DGML

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