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I had problems with my software/computer and had to reinstall Tajima Pulse. Now the spooler does not get rid of the file you sent to the machine after the machine accepts it. I have to go into the design que and delete the file before I can send another file. I can not find the place for the setting that changes that. It used to be different before I uninstalled so I know I had changed the setting once and can not find it to do it this time. Help please, it's so annoying!

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These are some old posts but thought I'd try. We use the design spooler with a NEO via serial cable connection. Normally it works fine. However, occasionally  after it sews a "sent" design, it immediately starts sewing on a previous design. It's like a ghost. I saw the comment above about the download count. I checked ours and it is blank. I'll try setting it to 1 but anybody have other thoughts ?


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