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I really need help with my brother machines

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Hi folks,

              My mother has a couple of the brother PE (?) machines, one is the 190 and I can't remember the other one, though it has a card slot if that helps? Now we have a PED Basic card reader but obviously we would really like to be able to do some custom designs and write them onto some blank cards we have. There is obviously the PE Design Next card writer, but these are quite expensive and we are on a pretty tight budget. I have been wondering if there are any alternative card writers that might not be as expensive? From what I've worked out so far, it seems that the cards used are the CF type, does this mean that it would be possible to use one of the many card writing wee things available to write designs onto a blank card? I have seen an embird writer, but there are also other generic CF card reader/writers available for not alot of money and it would be brilliant if there was a way to use one of these? I have actually purchased one, but I haven't had any luck as yet. I could really use some help as it would really make my mum and yes even myself, ever so happy if we could do some properly custom embroidery. We have had these machines for a good while now and I would really love to be able to use them to their full potential. Alternatively I have also been looking at the Semco Ipink as it seems simpler to use this machine to do custom stuff (or is this yet another slice of pie in the sky?)

Thanks for reading this far and all the best


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