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I have been trying to find a clean way of creating applique cut files to run on an IoLine 300 cutter.  I cut my share of two and three layer tackle twill patches.  To date I have created my artwork in Pulse and transferred it to Corel via Draw Fusion.  What I have found of recent is that there is enough variance to cause problems when I use the same artwork to create the applique sew files. Up thru version 4028 the Export applique cut file using the PLT function results in a file which is not processed by the IoLine software.  Exporting a DXF file does not do the trick either because all of the layers are blended into a single layer when the IoLine software inputs the file.  Best results have been obtained by importing the PLT file written from Corel back into Tajima Pulse and converting it to the necessary applique segments.  Seems there should be a simpler way. One which I have not yet found. 

Any ideas?  I do notice that when I import a DXF file into Corel X4 the colors are present.  Maybe the solution lies with the IoLine software.

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I'm using a Ioline 350HF cutter and the same 301 cutting software I guess you are using too. I always create all of my cut files directly from Tajima DG/ML by exporting them in DXF format. Works great. (PLT also works fine as long as I don't need Kiss.Cut).

If I recall it right, there was a setting needed to be altered in the 301 import options to make it work. This is my settings so just go ahead and play with it and see if it works for you... I'm using metric system so the DXF Scale factor might be different if you use imperial settings.

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why do you not use a .plt file when you kiss cut?  I use Corel and Tajima Pusle to export .plt files,  Is there a better way?  We have learned the Ioline by doing and asking lots of questions,(thanks to all who have offered help)  You can just imagine, some of the results are a little off, LOL. 

Sometimes I feel like I go the long way around to get where I want to be.  Although, we have some really nice looking designs.

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What level of software are you are using?
The Applique tool is available in the higher digitizing levels. You can find your level by selecting Tools-Update Security Device. The level is displayed next to the line licensed for: 
If you do not have the Applique tool you can still create an applique manually using run and steil / satin stitches. I can have someone in support contact you to walk you through it if you would like.
Best Regards

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it may depend on the version and the level as to what you can do

Are you using the Applique segment? I've got version 2009, level Illustrator Extreme, so I get the option of Process>Breakup Applique which splits up an Applique segment into separate segments. One of the segments produced is the tack-down run, which I can then convert to Steil and set the Auto Corner Style. Careful with the offset settings.

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Hello, I'm new to Tajima Pulse.  I just picked up Illustrator Extreme instead of Wilcom Deco Studio (was this a good move?).  I'm trying to do my own applique.  Using a cutter with pressure sensitive roll twill I want to cut out my design(just a font) and sew it on a few garments.  Does anybody have any step by step layman terms to walk me through?  I've watched the on-line video on applique, but it wasn't informative enough.  I'm not sure if I'm using the applique tool right or should I be using the applique cut tool?  Any help for this newbie would be much appreciated.

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Welcome to community, there are too tools here, the applique tools is used to make the sew file, and the applique cut tool is used to make the cut file. If you would like to see a demonstration on how to use these tools. I can show you if you have high speed internet. Enclosed is my contact information.

Using the Applique tool base on art work

1.   Draw a rectangle with the art tools

2.   Select the rectangle

3.   Right click on the design, and goto convert segments to.....

4.   Choose Applique

Now you have all the sew out files  in simple step .. if you watch it sew out there will be a run tool for lining up the material, a tack down stitch and a finished stitch all in one simple process.

Using the Applique Cut tool base on art work 

(NOTE) This tools supports exporting the following formats DXF , PLT , HPG , and HPGL

1.   Draw a rectangle with the art tools

2.   Select the rectangle

3.   Right click on the design, and goto convert segments to..

4.   Choose Applique Cut

Now you have a cut file.. I always recommend using the same art work for both but you can experiment with this.

5.   Now click on File ... Export.. and choose Applique Cut

This will give you 4 options of file formats ..   DXF , PLT , HPG , and HPGL 

Hope this helps

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I need help with the attached design. Could someone show me how to slice the letters to be applique friendly.
Not sure if the virtual slice tool works with a true type font?  could not find any info in the help section at all on this tool.
If I can use the applique tool, I am not sure how to do the B, R, W, and N  where the points form.
If someone is able to show me the way I would be grateful.


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