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This is a picture of the embroidery design I want.  I don't find it on the web link you sent me to.  I am about to give up on getting this.  It's been many days and I am starting to lose interest.  If you can put this design on your site in the next day or so, I will buy it.  Otherwise, I give up.  Shoply's order page is not user friendly.  The blanks you are asked to fill in don't indicate what information goes in the blanks.  Maybe that is only true for United States customers, so you might not fully understand my problem.  I have tried filling in the blanks but nothing "takes"  Also, those blanks (or fields, if you will) are "greyed-out" too.  When I get down to the field that says "United States" and waive my curser over it, it shows a red circle with a line going through it.  In the US, this symbol basically has a negative meaning.
Thank you for trying.
Witch with poison art for embroidery digitizing
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