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I have decreased the size of a embroidery design but when I select it to change the density the black downward arrow that's supposed to be in the upper right (looking at the computer) hand corner isn't there. How do I change the density and is my program malfunctioning?

Thanks in advance for any help you can give.

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There is only two ways to change density when changing a design. One is in EMB. The other is to reprocess the stitch design. (stitches to outlines) If the design is at all complex I wouldn't suggest the latter as your asking a computer to think like a human. So far it hasn't happened yet. If you're resizing a stitch file rule of thumb is 10% up or down as the stitch count will remain the same.

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I have it selected in EMB. I also saved it as a copy and then opened it again with no luck. I went back and opened other designs, selected them and didn't see the arrow then either. I know I've decreased density before and ran into this problem. I just can't remember how to get around it. Thanks for the info.

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