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Yes. Some software may help you.;

Via DesignShop

Some of the designs you work with may be on a floppy disk. DesignShop is compatible with DOS. Step by step.

1. Load design file into DesignShop.

2. Save to floppy disk. for DOS formats - Save or Save As.  for non-DOS formats - Format the disk appropriately, then Export.

import to floppy disc embroidery designs


Disks must be formatted to match the file type before a file can be written to it. You can format the disk from the Export or Import dialog box. Follow these steps to format a disk:

Select File->Import or File->Export to display the Import or Export dialog box.

Select the correct format.

Select the correct drive.

Click on Format to format the disk.

Important Information on the Melco Format:

The Melco format was developed to work with early Melco embroidery machines and other older embroidery products. Hardware required to read the Melco format is becoming increasingly difficult for Melco's suppliers to provide. Therefore, Melco cannot guarantee that it will be able to support the Melco format in the future.

Melco recommends exporting designs in the Melco format ONLY when the equipment sewing the design requires the Melco format. Otherwise, save designs in the DOS format or the format associated with your particular embroidery product.

Other embroidery formats supported by DesignShop are not affected by this situation.

MELCO format names consist of a 1-6 character filename and one of the following extensions:

.CND - Condensed Format

.EXP - Expanded Format

To ensure the integrity of .CND designs, Melco has implemented a manual stitch conversion of any design saved out of DesignShop as a .CND file. This guarantees that the stitches within the design do not get skewed in any way due to new feature technology that is not supported by the condensed format.

Via Embird software

Click menu Right Panel-Input/Output Operations or (right click on design file) and shown Choose floppy disc format. Choose your type Melco DOS or Melco SS.

How create melco floppy disc with Embird software

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