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hi guys and gals.

i am still new to embroidery.....so i have to do some patches.....as i understand it i can buy premade patches in different shapes?.....how do i hold them down while embroidering on them?.....how do i align them up in my machine to sew on them correctly.....any tips or tricks etc would be most appreciated.

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There are many ways to embroidery on premade patches, first you will need to find a way to clamp them in the hoop, some people use special frames for doing name tags, others use adhesive to hold it in place.

Once you have a method then you can sew it like any other design, line up the center of the design and trace it then sew it out

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hi ....thanks for the answer...i asked a few other places and was told i should digitize a running stitch the shape of the patch?......i assume to know exactly where the sew out will go......i have no idea how to do that even......what is the easiest way to line up the patch with my design?.....I'm not sure i know

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I am new too, but I have done patches.  This is what worked for me.  I scanned my blank patch and imported it as a background image into my design file.  I then digitized a running stitch around the outside diameter of the patch. I used a small stitch length, like 1.5 mm, because I was using a sticky backed stabilizer at the machine.  This outline needs to be sequenced to be the first thing stitched. At the machine, I set the outline color and the next color in the design to the same color and then I set the machine NOT to auto start on same colors.  I stitch the outline, the machine will stop, then I do an auto thread trim and then move the frame out where I can work with it.  I then score the sticky backed stabilizer and remove it from inside the stitches.  Place my patch down within the guidelines. Do and manual offset to return the frame to the right spot and start embroidering. I know there is a way in the software to program the stop and the frame movement, but i have not taken the time to figure that out yet... Can anyone help out with that part?

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You might want to check out the post on the Pulse web site about "Something old, something new'" It outlines the way to do crests and the method can be used with pre-made crests. There are pictures to help explain the steps. If you have any questions you can leave a comment or drop me a line.

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I know this is late, but it might help. I have the Illustrator version of pulse. I select applique and outline the shape. In the properties window, under applique you can set a stop with frame out. Under Tack down you can also set a stop with a frame out. Then in the applique border select the type of stitch, and the pattern.

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I am sewing patches on little league shirts. I was going to use a tear away stabilizer. When I got the patches they were felt with a heavy clear coating on the back. It actually seals the under stitches in a clear coating. Does anyone know what this could be, and do I need a stabilizer when I sew the patch on the shirt. I'm new to this and I don't want to really mess up. Thank in advance for any help.

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