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I have very little experience digitizing; but I have all the digitizing software.  I have an embroidery file .DST that is a basic American flag.  The flag has 13 rows of red then white stripes but at the end of each row there is a trim. I would like to remove the trims and continue stitching to the next row.  The sequence is all white first and then the red rows.

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You would need to go to the end of each stripe, insert a trim command (insert command) then move the start point of the next stripe to where you want it to start if it is on the other end of the stripe.  If there is a great distance between the rows, you’d want to add a run stitch to get from the end of one row to the beginning of the next and you’d have to put it in proper sequence (open your sequence view (shift T), find the run, cut it then find where you want to put it in the list and paste it before the row you are trying to go to next).  If there is not a border around your flag, that may be the reason for the trims.  If there is a border, you can hid the jump or run stitches under that.

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