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I work for a small company that makes custom made bed linen for babies ans children. We would like to be able to use your embroidery designs on our products. If we buy the embroidery designs from your website, are we allowed to use them for commercial use?
Thank You!

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In our website have different categories; free without any conditions (example) Free machine embroidery designs, commercial created under our embroidery studio licence Cartoon embroidery designs- need only our permission if you want mass production.

Another embroidery design don't need licence if you sew 1-2 items for individual sale (example Etsy), if you want mass sell, you need special licence.

We don't get this. You need contact with licence organisation in your country.

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Hello! I have the same question. So Free machine embroidery designs are free for commercial use? People can use those designs in projects and sell products with those designs on the product? Is it possible to get a written confirmation that the person or a company is free to use the designs for the purpose of selling products (example: selling shirts with those designs on them).


Thank you in advance for the answer.

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