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Hi everyone,

I'm sure I can't be the only one using the Tajima Writer Plus software on this forum.

I work for a manufacturing company and we purchased a Tajima Sai machine since we're only doing 5 logos on our products and our daily output doesn't warrant an industrial set-up.

Our machine didn't come with software, but the salesperson said that we could download the Tajima Writer Plus software for free, he hasn't worked with the software much and after I watched the poorly made instructional videos and going through hours of trial-and-error he told me I know more than him. Great.

We're based in South Africa and the Wilcom software supposedly costs about a third of the machine price so we can't go that route.

I'm having issues like mad and I'm struggling to find solutions, anyone with advice on this software, please share.

I'm particularly struggling with removing underlayers after digitizing a bitmap file. I will deselect it in the right-hand pop-out toolbar and when I run the Stitch, there's still an underlayer.

I cannot find where to add a border steil stitch on a complex fill (Tatami 30) I had to design the border in Adobe Illustrator, save it as a jpeg and digitize it as a steil then try to line it up, and selecting objects is infuriating once they overlap.

I'm just tired of struggling, any advice or suggestions are appreciated.

Underlayer shown on playback

No underlayer selected for embroidery design

Trying to move Steil after overlapping with complex fill logo embroidery design

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If you purchased and registered your Sai, your dealer should have obtained a password for you for the Sai Users site, where you download the full Writers Plus software - not the trial version - as well as manuals and video tutorials.  It’s included as part of your purchase.

I'm a newbie so I can’t answer your specific question myself but I will look if I can find something in the manual to help.

You might try contacting Juki / Tajima for a password if your seller can’t help.

Good luck!

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