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A fellow embroiderer sent me a font file so I could help her out with some jackets, however, when she sent me the file the extension got changed now I can not open it and need to change the extension to get it into my Wilcom e1.5 software.  it came as:  letters.FNT  where/how do I change it to DST.   any help would be appreciated.  she has since gone out of business.   thanks

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In the font help of every font that we have in our program , in the help page it indicates which special characters can be made, if the font your wanting displays that special characters. Goto the font help , look up the getting started page .. and in there it list the special characters list.Once you find the letter with the correct symbol over top , put your cursor in the text tab top left and using the left ALT key enter the corresponding 4 digit code. and it will put in the correct character.

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