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I am very new to embroidery. I've had my embroidery machine about 10 days. The first order I got was for 6 puffy vests, each with the company logo and the employee name. They are a light weight nylon fabric with polyfill. I've got the logo and company name worked out. But am having trouble with the individual names. The font I'm using is Baskerville. The letters are 14mm. I've tried several combinations of underlay and I've checked and set my tension on both bobbin and needle. I've also tried removing the  underlay and adding my own.

These are the names:

  • Alisa
  • Deliah
  • Marie
  • Paulette
  • Tony

I'm having particular problems with the T and the M. I'm attaching a photo so you can see what I'm talking about.


Th start of the T and the inside loop of the T are particularly bad, with lots of underlay showing through. There are also a few places on the M that are and issue and the end of the y.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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We may provide best help if you attach the design file. Most probably, under stitch length set is too long as "dwestra" suggesting.
We should better know how big the design is, how large the column size is.Then we can specify appropriate underlay stitch length and type of Underlay. can be "Center Run". 
under;ay stitch length may be able to reduce to 1.0mm if the column width is too narrow.

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The attachment is slightly different from the embroidery design you attached in the first submission (images).

Anyway, better use shorter underlay stitch length such as 1.5mm and lay underlays in the middle of column width by setting Inset. Do not lay underlay near to column edges.

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