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Tajima TME-DC912 Not Detecting Thread Breaks

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Hey everyone. New member here. I've had a Tajima TME-DC912 for 24 years. I've never had any major issue with it. On Thursday, when I turned the machine on, the control panel was locked up and showing only "d-2.02". I contacted a tech, and he told me that was either an IMD or IMM card issue. So, I had both cards and new Eproms sent (just in case). Turns out, it was the IMM card. Machine is back up and running. But a new issue has occurred. My machine will not detect thread breaks. On every head, it will just sew through thread breaks without detecting (no red lights coming on from heads). A guy on FB suggested the TC Joint 6 card...but I find it difficult to believe that this card would go faulty at same time. Everything was working great before IMM card issue. Does anyone have any thoughts? Before putting replacement IMM card in, I removed both sets of Eproms and did hard reset on machine. I've gone back in to machine parameters and set everything back to where it was. Is there a parameter that I could be missing that turns thread breakage detection back on? Thanks for any help and guidance. I know it's an older machine, but it's the workhorse of my business, and with current supply chain issues, a new machine is not really a viable option in the short term.

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Did you try to contact the distributor from which you obtained your model?  I also think that you can go to any tech shop and ask them to help you with your problem. Who knows, maybe they will help you too. 
And please, do not give up. I believe that everything will be fine. 
/give moral hugs/

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