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Hi everyone.

I`ve been using Janome 500 embroidery machine and "Digitizer v5" for more than 2 years now, usually it`s all good, and i can make everything i want, and it looks properly, but lately i`ve been struggling with applique and thread alignment. I`m putting on applique, sewing borders, then cut out not needed applique pieces, and when it starts to make proper borders, it has been dislocated even by 1cm, in few words, it completely misses applique border. (see picture)



"Funniest" is that this does not happens all the time, one item i made without any problems, next time this happens.

Digitized version is the same for both tries, in software it all looks proper..

Opened embroidery machine, all gears, belts, everything is still in good and proper condition, nothing missing, nothing suspicious.

This also has happened to smaller size embroidery items, sometimes it does only contours, then it does all the other "filling" stuff, but borders in final is still visible. (see picture)


Any ideas?


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It is necessary to look at how the embroidery file is made. Usually this is the problem. Now it looks as if a small value for deformation compensation is selected. The type of stitches confuses me. I would also use a water soluble stabilizer on top. Decrease the stitch speed. This will reduce the tension of the material.

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