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Top 5 reasons for thread breakage when using an embroidery machine.

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There are several causes for breakage of the thread in an embroidery machine, normally it happens because of some causes such as the thread is too old or maybe there is some issue in the machine itself. The most irritating part is when the thread is continuously breaking during the work, so it’s better to find the solution to the problem before it will be getting worse. If you are struggling to find the main solution to your problem so you are at the right place because in this blog we will discuss some common problems people are facing.
Needle Issues
The needle is the essential part of a thread machine so it’s important to make sure the needle should be placed correctly in the machine, if you install a broken or improper needle so the chances of breakage of thread would be high. Another factor involves the size of the needle eye as much small as the eye increases many chances of thread breakage.
Proper inspection of the machine for burrs or any other faults would be essential, you should check on the hook assemble, thread guide, and the needle plate, if your thread would face any small Knicks will lead the damage or breakage of the thread. To find the solution to this type of issue you can check your machine user guide or if the damage would disturb the machine functionality so you need to be replaced of that particular part of your machine.
Thread Quality
Quality of the thread would be essential if your thread keeps breaking so the high chances that you are using too old thread or maybe you are using a low-quality thread other than that you should also make sure that is a suitable thread to use on that particular fabric because some fabrics are hard to sew with normal thread for that problem you should use the correct type of thread for your fabric.
Perfect Setting For Thread Tension.
Proper tension setting of your embroidery machine should be essential, if you set the tension high it will lead to making thread tighter which causes break-in thread. You should test and adjust your tension on regular basis to avoid the breakage of the thread.

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