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Hello. I've tried searching the forums for this and haven't been able to find an answer.

I have a Brother PRS100 Single Needle Embroidery Machine. I recently bought the PRCL1 Cylinder Frame that in the manual says it works for this machine. The manual though, seems to be contradictory. On page 3 it states that you need to have a 3 prong connector AND software version 2.1. It states that you should get an "upgrade kit".

I reached out to Brother and they replied that they have never heard of an "upgrade kit". Which is odd that it's in the manual.

I reached out to a local repair/dealer. They got connectors for the PR620, the connector holes don't line up. Even basically aligning the connectors, the Cylinder driver doesn't seem to fit.

Has anyone ever used the PRCL1 on a PRS100? Does anyone know how to get an actual parts list for the PRS100? Is there a 3 prong connector for the PRS100? Does the PRCL1 even fit the PRS100 like the manual and online info says?

Thanks for any help.

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