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Brother embroidery machine | Thread too short, always jumps out

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Brother embroidery machine | Thread too short, always jumps out

Hey guys,

I have a request / question, with my Brother PR 670E the thread jumps out every time I change the needle. It is cut too short or not at all. Already cleaned X times downstairs, what needs to be exchanged?

Here video:



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yes, see the settings here on the photo, we tried a few numbers up / a few numbers down ..
no difference.
Does somebody has any idea? what about the tentacle; does it have a function?
Additionally: I did a firmware update.

I'm really at the end, every time I have to rethread,

Thank you thank you


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Thank you very much, I've done this now, it doesn't make a difference, it just pulls too hard, even if I set it weaker, it jumps out, what's this gripper arm for, which comes from behind but does NOT take the thread. Maybe it would then be a few millimeters longer, and then it would work...
It's just stupid, with every jump = always outside.

and also cleaned under the plate + exchanged this hook + this leaflet below.
I'm thankful for all inputs.

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