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I am stitching a embroidery design where the font is only 0.25 in tall and am having great difficulty. I've enlarged the embroidery design, increased the spacing, and run the embroidery machine slowly but the "s" continues to get a bird's nest causing a hole in my shirt. I am also embroidering on Under Armour polos, so I'm sure that doesn't help. I'm losing too many of these expensive shirts to holes! Can someone please help me? The font I need to use is Brantford New. Thanks in advance for any info you all can give. It's nice to have some support out there.

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You will need to use Automatic Pull Compensation in order to make very narrow satin columns a bit wider. Try using Pull Comp. Absolute + 0.15 mm.

Pull Comp. is necessary because you are sewing on knitted fabric which shrinks a bit when stitching on it.

As for density, I recommend to use - 0.3 pt.

It is also recommendable to use a water soluble film as topping. something like Solvy. This will help improve stitching quality

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That font will not sew that small. Decrease your density.  You might even try the Gouldy Bold font, at that size the serifs of the letters are hard to notice the deference anyway. Try no underlay.......What type of Backing are you using?  Also if you try the Gouldy bold increase your pull comp and you could add a 1.50 mm zig zag underlay if you don't have to many letters........hope this helps

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