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If you are looking for something small and portable, you can get a USB hard drive.   Many different companies make these in various size.  If your computer does not move around and you would like a larger capacity hard drive, you can get a network connected storage device.  Network attached storage device (NAS) connects to your router and can be used to backup all of the computers on your network.  You can also use a NAS as a central file server.  Most USB and Network Attached Storage Devices will come with some software to help you backup your files.  Here are some links to devices I have used before.

WD Passport USB Hard Drive

Network Attached Storage

Another option is an online based backup service such as Carbonite.  Carbonite is a great service, especially if you have a laptop or if you want a easy way to backup your files.  Once you setup an account and install Carbonite on your computer, all of your computer's data files will be backed up to their secure servers.  The process of backing up runs in the background whenever you are connected to he internet so you do not need to remember to bring your backup storage devices with you when you are traveling.  In fact, you really do not need to remember to do anything, once the software is installed.  Your files are backed up automatically.  If you ever want to get back to an older version of a file, just right click on the file and select the restore option.  

If you ever lose your computer or if your hard drive completely fails, just log into Carbonite's website and install the application on your new PC.  Your files will automatically be restored.

Carbonite is a service that costs about $60 / year to backup all of your data.  Carbonite is a good choice if you are on the go or if you would like a one step solution to backup your data.  Here is a link to Carbonite's website:


You should also keep in mind that these options backup your data (like your embroidery designs, image files, documents etc.)  It will not backup your applications.  It is important to keep your application CDs in a safe place.  You should also try to stay current with the latest versions of your applications. Staying up to date with the latest version will ensure that your software will work with the newer operating systems, in case you need to unexpectedly purchase a new computer. 

Hope this helps.

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