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Question on In The Hoop pencil toppers...

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I am wanting to design a file for pencil toppers, but have not sewn one yet, and have seen conflicting information from people.  Maybe someone can clarify this for me, but as I understand it....  Please correct or clarify this for me?

There would be 3 files, one for a front dieline, one for a back dieline, and the actual design file.  The two dieline files would be the same size - slightly larger than the design. One for the front material, and one for the back material.  The front dieline and design could be sewn all the way around the design, but when you do the back dieline file - you need to leave it open at the bottom for a pencil...

Does that sound about right, or am I all goofed up on this?  Thanks.

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Based on your description, it seems like you need three files to design a pencil topper: a front dieline file, a back dieline file, and an actual design file. The two dieline files would be the same size and slightly larger than the design file. One file would be for the front material and the other for the back material. You can sew the front dieline and design all the way around, but for the back dieline file, you need to leave an opening at the bottom for the pencil.

I hope this clears up any confusion you had about the method for designing pencil topper files.

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