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New embroidery designs

Pointe and roses .. Ballet and romantic embroidery and style.  . 
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You Love them all

Stitched out beautifully! Looked amazing and no issues!
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Girls for girls.. For young and open

Really pretty, You love this when you stitched it. Would love more of same designs
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Owls. cute and funny

Yes, all our Owls designs are stunning
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Bear and flower bouquet embroidery design

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There is the cute embroidery sample added by the name of little boy who will be the owner of this work piece.  He will definitely like the embroidered picture which was chosen for decoration of the item. It is Bouquet for you embroidery design which looks quite original and interesting on the dark turquoise background. The colors of this embroidery sample seem more bright and intensive due to the terry fabric.

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Photo Information for Bear and flower bouquet embroidery design


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    • Making a stylish summer bag by hand

      A summer bag is a necessity for every girl. You can make a stylish summer bag out of a plain linen fabric. A simple design and a fair-colored fabric will make it fit for every occasion

      Such an accessory will look equally good in the office and on the beach. It harmonizes with a business suit and a simple tunic.
      Originally, the bag and the following masterclass were intended to showcase a  flower machine embroidery design from our collection. A fake flap immediately beneath the zipper and a pocket with a metal clasp will be used as a decoration.
      These last two elements are made of a machine embroidered fabric. Silk threads will give a beautiful glitter under the sun and in the artificial light of the lanterns.
       • 0.35 m of a thick cotton fabric (1.5 m wide);
       • 0.15 m of a printed fabric;
       • 0.35 m of a lining fabric (1.5 m wide);
       • 0.5 m of an interfacing fabric (1.5 m wide);
       • 1 metal clasp;
       • 1 handle with carabiner-style clasps;
       • 1 zipper with big size teeth (no less than 30 cm);
       • 0.25 m of a corded silk ribbon 1 cm wide;
       • white threads.
      First, you need to cut out the pieces of your future bag from the main fabric: front and back – 35 x 30 cm each; bottom part – 8 x 27 cm; pocket – 15 x 12 cm. From the printed fabric, cut out the rounded flap (27 x 12 cm) and a strip (19 x 5 cm) that will be used as a pocket decoration. Photo 3.

      Glue all the elements to the interfacing. This will make the bag thicker thus enabling it to maintain its shape. 
      Put a pattern piece on the sticky side of the interfacing fabric and iron it. Photo 4.

      Repeat with the rest of the pieces. You can leave the pocket and the decorative ribbon as they are. Photo 5.

      But the flap must be strengthened. Cut the interfacing close to the edges. Photo 6.

      On your sewing machine, sew the bottom and the sides of the bag together. Photo 7.

      You should get a template which will become the front side of your bag: Photo 8.

      Sew up the side seams. Photo 9.

      Pin and sew the side seam on the bottom of your bag. Photo 10.

      Now, let's make a pocket. Fold the upper edge twice with the right side inside and stitch it. Fold the other sides and iron them. Turn in the edges of the decorative ribbon and stitch them. Run the ribbon through the metal clasp. Put it onto the pocket. Pin it. Stitch it to the bag. Photo 11.

      Pin the pocket onto the front side. Turn in the edges of the ribbon. Stitch it to the bag. Photo 12.

      Out of the underlay fabric cut out the parts of your future bag (except the pocket and the decorative ribbon). Photo 13.

      The underside is sewn in the same way as the front. Photo 14.

      Put the flap parts together with their front sides facing each other. Stitch them together, leaving a 7 cm clearance gap. Make incisions in the rounded edges. Cut the sharp corners close to the stitching. Turn it the right side out. Iron the clearance gap. Photo 15.

      Put the flap onto the front side of the bag. The distance from the upper edge should be 2.5 cm. Stitch it to the bag. Photo 16.

      Now, you'll make bag handle hinges out of the corded silk ribbon. Sew them onto the bag near the side seams. To make them more durable, fold the ribbon in two. Photo 17.

      Now, sew in the lining and zipper. Photo 18.

      Attach the ready handle with carabiner-style clasps to the hinges. Photo 19.

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