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    Thank you for a nice design. Resizing for my hoop was successful. Let's see, how stitching goes.
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    looks fun, I'm collecting lol, thank you kindly*
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    Thank you so very much for your comments, you have hit many nails on the head. I too struggle with my mental health, it is not something I talk much about. There are days when I think I can't even get out of bed, there is no point. Sewing, quilting, digitising and embroidery keep me going. Be strong, and just keep taking one day at a time. Thank you again. All the best. Dave
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    Thank you so very much for your comments. I appreciate them. There is always light in dark times, it's worth remembering this. I'm sorry if this brought back bad memories for you. I didn't intend to promote violence. I'm not a political person, people have the right to their own opinion and to feel the way they feel. Stay safe. Dave.
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    Thank you so much Dave! I love these helicopter designs. They remind me so much of the Viet Nam war era. I know it was a bad time in our history but the helicopters provided so much in the recovery of troops and getting our wounded to the hospitals. I really appreciate all the details of them and this is really an awesome set of military designs. Thank you so very much for sharing your talent and time. Your generosity is appreciated! Meri
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    great set for a lap quilt I think, thank you*
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    cool looking, thank you. My SIL will like these
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    Отличное качество вышивки. Вышила на футболке мужа. Просто супер. Спасибо огромное.
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    I would love to buy, borrow or steel this design but I have only a 6x10 hoop for Babylock Aventura and this is a 15.87 x 17 + design and I just can`t wrap my head around any software splitting module.
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    Oh my gosh how adorable... Thank you!
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