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Found 256 results

  1. This beach towel of deep blue color is an excellent thing for sunbathing — especially due to funny embroidery sample shown the sunbathing girl in red swimming suit and New Year hat instead of panama. This Sunbathing machine embroidery design is completed with facetious sentence which seem to be said by this girl. It can be the good gift for the people who love to laugh and appreciate a good joke.
  2. It does not matter how the Teddy bear is depicted on the embroidery, no matter what Teddy Bear does on embroidery, the main thing is that he always evokes tenderness. Buy this design here: Teddy bear in the bathroom machine embroidery design.
  3. Teddy Bear now is not only the favorite picture: it is the real person with his own feels, wishes and business! One of them is the everyday tea party with his friends. On this Teddy bear five o’clock tea embroidery design he enjoy the good cup of tea with little donkey who like it too! You can use it for your children’s clothes, towels or bed linen. The other good idea is to use this sample for decoration of any textile for the kitchen.
  4. You children don’t like to wash? It’s just because they haven’t the good example! Let’s solve this problem by giving them the bathing towel with appropriate picture. The good sample is Teddy bear in the bathroom embroidery design. The image of Teddy Bear after bathroom will stimulate your children to like water treatments. You may find the color of Teddy’s towel which will make the best combination with your children’s towels color.
  5. There are two terry towels of beautiful turquoise color which are decorated with different embroidery samples with children’s beloved hero — Teddy Bear. The big one has the figure of Teddy Bear hugging the cushion of intensive pink color made in heart shape. For the small one we used Teddy Bear missing you machine embroidery design: little bear sits with his back to us and cries because of the absence of his best friend.
  6. There is the bright terry towel of intensive turquoise color prepared as a gift for little boy’s birthday. It is decorated with the picture made with Teddy bear I love you machine embroidery design. This embroidery sample uses the popular character of cartoon for children: Teddy bear hold the red heart decorated with the lace in its paws. The inscription “I love you “ on the heart is the kind of message to the addressee.
  7. It is the gift towel made for St. Valentine’s Day. The common symbol of this celebration is the heart, so the design of the towel is selected respectively. There is Teddy bear I love you machine embroidery design: the figure of cute little bear which holds the red pillow in the form of heart in its paws. This cushion is the gift: the box is near. The same small heart is on stomach of the bear.
  8. It is the g white terry towel which is very suitable to wrap the baby after bathing. It will be even more pleasant because of the picture of beloved Teddy Bear which holds beautiful pink lily in its paws. The towel is also marked with the name of its owner. Teddy Bear with lily embroidery design can make the finish of bathing one of the best moments of the day.
  9. >There is the simple white terry towel for child, but it has the good chance to be the favorite because of the picture of small grey bear bringing huge pink lily which seems to be bigger than it. The towel is also decorated with the name of little owner made with the same pink color. Teddy Bear with lily embroidery design is not very simple embroidery sample but this work is definitely deserves the efforts.
  10. There is an example of using the one of the most popular images for decoration the gifts for Valentine’s day. Here you can see Teddy Bear with the pillow of the form of heart. This picture is made with Teddy bear I love you machine embroidery design. It is used on the background of soft terry towel of pleasant warm color. It is also added by memorable inscription for the addressee.
  11. ekatreina

    Embroidered towels with Teddy Bears

    There are two terry towels of pleasant color of cacao with milk. They are decorated with two different samples of embroidery, but they are united by their nice hero — famous Teddy bear. One of them is Bear with heart machine embroidery design which shows the picture of bear holding the big red heart in its paws. The other sample is Teddy bear with I LOVE YOU board machine embroidery design.
  12. ekatreina

    Teddy Bear embroidered towel

    There is the unusual example of usual textile accessory — embroidered terry towel. It has the background of intensive dark grey color but at the same time it is decorated with funny Teddy bear with I LOVE YOU board machine embroidery design. It is the picture of famous bear who holds the handmade poster with this inscription in its paws. Together these features create uncommon combination which can be spectacular gift.
  13. It is nice comfortable plaid which is ok for children of any ages. Its back side is made of soft polka dot cotton of gentle shade of violet. Its front side is executed of pleasant fleece decorated with Teddy bear in the bathroom machine embroidery design. It is the picture of cute small bear drying off with the large terry towel after taking bath. The picture is added by the name of little owner.
  14. For many years Teddy Bear remains one of the most favorite characters for children. So if you want to pleasure you little friend you shouldn’t think long: terry towel with the picture of Teddy Bear is the good idea! The good example is this blue towel decorated with Teddy which brings the chamomile of the same color. Teddy Bear with chamomile machine embroidery design makes this gift especially memorable and pleasant.
  15. It is the set for little girl which is capable to make her dreams sweet as candy. It contains of pleasant soft plaid and little comfortable pillow which are made of pink fleece and light grey fabric with crowns. These nice textile accessories are decorated with one of the cutest pictures with famous Teddy bear. Teddy bear after shower machine embroidery design shows us the little bear which is wrapping into the soft terry towel after taking the warm shower.
  16. It is embroidered terry towel which is tied up with the band as a gift. It is soft and comfortable especially due to Teddy bear five o*clock tea machine embroidery design used for decoration. This picture shows the little bear who gives the tea from small white cup to its friend — little donkey. The memorable inscription, Teddy bear’s nose and some other details are executed with violet color which is suitable for the color of background.
  17. ekatreina

    Set of towels Teddy bear

    There is the set of two terry towels of gentle turquoise color. They are added by the very suitable picture of famous Teddy bear — the beloved character for many children. Teddy bear in the bathroom machine embroidery design shows small bear drying up its face with the huge soft towel after the bathing. Due to this picture taking shower can become the favorite thing for your little son or daughter.
  18. ekatreina

    Embroidered set Teddy bear with toy

    There is the nice set of textile accessories for little child: it includes such the necessary things as light blanket, small soft pillow and fluffy terry towel. Each of these items is decorated with Teddy Baby with toy machine embroidery design: the picture of small bear holding the little donkey behind its back. The items of the set have different colors but the grey figure of Teddy bear perfectly fits to each of them.
  19. There is the soft terry towel of gentle blue shade definitely designed for the little owner. So Teddy bear I dressed myself machine embroidery design is used for decoration of this textile accessory. The figure of little bear made with grey and blue colors is perfectly goes with the main background of towel. It is also added by the memorable inscription devoted to the little addressee of this pleasant gift.
  20. This terry towel of bright blue color is definitely the good gift for the mother’s birthday. But when it is decorated with the figure of Teddy bear giving the big chamomile to the addressee it becomes even cuter. Teddy Bear with chamomile machine embroidery design makes this present memorable and unique. Certainly each woman will appreciate the complex work under this nice embroidery design which is made especially for her.
  21. There is a very good yellow terry towel with fluffy surface. Its main highlight is the cute picture of Teddy bear which is preparing to give the chamomile for its friend. Teddy Bear with chamomile machine embroidery design underlines the comfort and softness of this pretty towel and make it especially pleasant to use it after the warm bathroom. Children will like to leave the bath to be wrapped into this towel.
  22. Not only children like the famous Teddy bear which is the most beloved toy in the world. The adults also like this cute character so the soft terry towel with the picture of this fluffy bear is the great gift. Teddy Bear with chamomile machine embroidery design makes this towel not only practical but also very memorable present. And the flower in Teddy’s paws seems to be destined for the birthday of the addressee.
  23. As any woman grannies like to get flowers, especially if they are prepared by the beloved grandchild. There is the special way to pleasant grandmother: it is the embroidered terry towel decorated with the picture of cute Teddy Bear which holds the big lily for granny in its paws. Teddy Bear with lily embroidery design is the perfect choice for such a gift which is able to express all love and tenderness for the addressee.
  24. There is the embroidered towel made for little boy. It has the embroidered name of its small owner and the very cute picture which will certainly please him. Teddy bear with I LOVE YOU board machine embroidery design is the image of pretty fluffy bear which holds the inscription made by it. Dark grey color of this towel is quite unusual for the child but is perfectly underlines the picture on it.
  25. This terry towel is not just the piece of fabric but the true textile accessory which will please the little owner after bathing. It is decorated with intensive turquoise stripes on the white background, the name of the owner made with the same color and Teddy bear after shower machine embroidery design. This embroidered picture seems to be the best choice for such a towel because little owner will definitely want to wrap into it as the bear on the image.