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Found 224 results

  1. It is nice embroidered towel which can be great gift for person who likes horoscope. It is very personalized work piece which is added by name of its owner and her zodiac sign. Zodiac sign Leo embroidery design shows all important attributes of this theme: they are head of gorgeous roaring lion, fragment of blue horizon with bright stars making constellation of Leo and symbolic mark of this Zodiac sign.
  2. This is pretty terry towel prepared with love for its future little owner. Its big soft surface is added by little but important detail which makes in unique. Bouquet for you embroidery design is big enough to be noted but small enough not to interfere to wipe little baby after bath. Embroidery sample chosen for this work piece is added by name of boy who will get is as gift.
  3. This is nice gift created for little boy who loves Teddy bear. He will definitely like to use this embroidered towel after bathing due to his favorite character. Teddy bear with I LOVE YOU board machine embroidery design is pretty design to express love for future owner of towel. Packed into cardboard box it looks even more holiday. Work piece is added by boys’ name which makes it really unique.
  4. There is couple of terry towels for two boys with similar design. Both of them used figures of little Teddy bears which are expressing their feelings. Left one is decorated with Teddy bear with heart pillow embroidery design and right one is embellished by Teddy bear with I LOVE YOU board machine embroidery design. You can choose one design which you like more to create gift for person you love.
  5. This is nice gift version of embroidered towel of fluffy terry fabric. It is embellished by Teddy bear with heart pillow embroidery design. Pretty picture of heart in bear’s pillow looks very bright on calm background of towel. Cardboard box of the same color gives festive look for this work piece and makes it more pleasant gift prepared especially for beloved addressee. Opened surface let touch soft surface of towel.
  6. This is pretty embroidered towel decorated with Teddy bear with heart pillow embroidery design. It is nice gift for beloved person which is able to express all feelings to him or her. Figure of little bear keeping pillow in its paws is added by thematic inscription. Color scheme of work piece is based on contrast between bright heart and calm background. Surface of towel is fluffy like Teddy bear itself.
  7. This gift set of two towels prepared for real man — it is clear from inscription on white one. It is decorated with his name and picture of gorgeous crown which looks truly golden due to chosen color scheme. Crown embroidery design makes this simple terry towel splendid and unique gift for any memorable date — from birthday to professional holiday. On this photo work piece is even more attractive due to interesting composition of used accessories.
  8. There is embroidered terry towel for children. It’s main charm is Circus elephant embroidery design. Dense texture of embroidery is suitable for fluffy surface of bath towel. Size of picture chosen by author lets owner use this towel without any problems. Sample is available in four different sizes so you can choose one for you own goals. Image has square format convenient for many accessories and other work pieces.
  9. This is the nice kitchen towel made of traditional waffle fabric. It is decorated with pretty thematic embroidery which seems to fill the kitchen with the aroma of fresh coffee. The sample is executed of with original color scheme of Coffee label free machine embroidery design. It used the beautiful natural colors includes black and some shades of brown. White background of the towel is the nice way to underline the beauty of the sample.
  10. This picture shows the nice set of towels which are designed as the good textile gifts for the members of one family. Two of them have white color which is added with just thematic inscription executed by deep blue thread. The third towel is the main item of the set. It has beautiful turquoise color and the pretty embroidery sample on its surface. Bouquet for you embroidery design is the good choice for decoration of this work piece.
  11. There is the photo of set of terry towels. It includes three items. They have the same texture of the fabric but different colors and design. Two of them are white and added just with the inscriptions executed with blue thread. The center of composition is the third one which has deep turquoise color and nice embroidery sample. It is Bouquet for you machine embroidery design. The picture looks originally on the dark background.
  12. There is the nice comfortable terry towel with merry design. Its important detail is definitely the bright color of the terry fabric’s background. But the main highlight is definitely Teddy in Christmas sock machine embroidery design. The little bear getting out from traditional Christmas sock already prepared the gift for little boy and now is ready to give it to him. The picture is added with thematic inscription at the same color scheme.
  13. This is the photo of pretty Christmas gift made with love to the son by his mother. It is the pleasant soft towel of intensive turquoise color. It is added by the thematic inscription executed in traditional festive color scheme based on the red shade. The center of all composition is Teddy in Christmas sock machine embroidery design. It is the funny picture of little bear which is waiting for you in the sock with Christmas gift.
  14. This picture shows the macro plan which gives us a possibility to examine the pretty embroidery sample in all smallest details. It is Bear with pink flower machine embroidery design which is executed on the fluffy terry surface underlining the texture of the bear’s fur. The pretty image is added by the name of the owner of this work piece. The inscription and flowers are made with the thread of the same color.
  15. There is the pretty little soft towel made from comfortable white terry fabric. It is decorated with Bear with pink flower machine embroidery design. It is the picture of pretty fluffy toy keeping the branch of beautiful bright flower in its paws. The picture is added by the name of its owner executed with pink flower of the same shade that flowers have. Together they create the nice completed composition.
  16. This is the nice composition prepared for little boy. Its main part is embroidered terry towel with decoration based on Bouquet for you machine embroidery design. On this picture it is added by little pretty details such as blue glass heart, the band with the name and date of birth of the boy and little bottle decorated with blue lace. All these things are executed at the same color scheme so they creates the good ensemble.
  17. This is the nice gift set which consists of three items. Two of them are comfortable terry towels designed especially for little boy. They are decorated with embroideries with Mikkie mouse: for example one of them is Mickey Mouse grows pumpkin machine embroidery design. The third item of this set is the textile bag for keeping the towels. It has its own look made on the base of Bouquet for you machine embroidery design.
  18. There are two nice terry towels which are the set prepared as the Christmas gift. Each of them is executed from the same white fabric but has different size and design. Left one is decorated with Snowman in love embroidery design and the right one has Christmas teddy with toy deer machine embroidery design. Both of them are the pretty samples of Christmas embroidery which creates the merry festive mood.
  19. This collage picture shows some interesting options of usage of Bouquet for you machine embroidery design. Here you may see how it looks at the nice soft jacket for baby and pretty white terry towel. This is the picture of cute little bear with the huge bouquet of blue and pink forest flowers. The bright colors of this pretty image in cartoon style are underlined by the snowy white color of background.
  20. Embroidered towel Cup of coffee

    This is the convenient waffle towel for kitchen. Its white fabric is the great background for the original embroidered picture which shows stylized cup of coffee. Coffee label free machine embroidery design is so expressive that the air in the kitchen seems to be filled by the strong aroma of just prepared coffee. The embroidered sample is executed with the colors of natural shades from yellow to light and deep brown.
  21. There is an original and memorable gift for New Year and Christmas. It is the giant cake made from three white terry towels decorated with embroidery designs on Christmas theme. For example towel at the bottom is added by Christmas teddy with toy deer machine embroidery design and towel in the middle is decorated with Snowman in love embroidery design. Each towel also has a congratulatory inscription for the addressee.
  22. There is fragment of pretty terry towel. It is decorated with embroidered picture of Teddy bear with nice flower in its paws. Dense texture of Teddy bear like flowers embroidery design let the image fasten tightly on uneven surface. Author added the embroidered picture with name of towel’s owner. Teddy bear with flower embroidery design is very nice sample for embellishing baby’s bathing accessories both for boys and girls.
  23. This picture is the most important detail of clothing for little boy. He definitely will be football fan when he will grow up. FC Barcelona logo embroidery design consists of many small details which makes it bright and clear. But it’s not difficult to execute this nice sample using our digital scheme. We offer special option for you: you may download two sizes of this picture for just one payment!
  24. There is set of two terry towels with different design. One of them is added by Hedgehog’s bouquet embroidery design. It serves as bright on the calm surface of soft towel. Other one is decorated by Mickey Mouse welcome embroidery design. Little mouse is happy to invite many guests for its home! For this embroidery sample we have special offer: you may get two sizes of the picture for just one payment!
  25. This is set of two pretty embroidered towels. They are prepared for two little girls: to avoid confusion each of them is added by name of its owner. Due to the same design none of them will envy the other. Choice of embroidery sample is not random: Sping in Arendelle machine embroidery design symbolize the eternal friendship of these girls. It is nice gift for two sisters for birthday of any other date.