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On what it is necessary to pay attention: at change a contour form from a wide place to narrow, stitches start approaching with each other and can form filling of very big density.

Part of editors of an embroidery the software solve this problem. In bottlenecks there is a shortening of lines and not all lines get a narrow neck and density remains to a constant without unnecessary consolidations.


Some the editor allow to lay out lines in the elementary a pattern, instead of it is simple to set chaotic punctures.


Creation of the additional line of a puncture (carved line, emboss line) – the user can set any line through which will pass additional punctures.


Change of a form of corners (cap, mitered, etc.). Some machine embroidery digitizing software determine a corner form automatically by the of algorithm and give the chance to the user to affect this choice.


In more detail about corner formation I plan to write a post later.

Satin of constant width (Steil, Serial satin, Satin border)

It is constructed on the basis of the simple line. Allows to apply to itself also the mass of any interesting effects.


Such satin easily becomes and very simply – one line is drawn and the satin width (1, 2, 3мм, etc., how many it is necessary) is set. For satin of the direction of stitches of this kind the program depending on complexity of a trajectory counts. And therefore in certain cases the directions in which stitches are located, can look, to put it mildly, strange.

Also the editor usually automatically, on the algorithms, sets a form of corners. But some editors allow the user to choose other type of a corner if it doesn't like that the editor applied. It is especially important to pay attention when you change sateen width to a form of corners. And it is always difficult to operate a form of corners for this purpose like satin


To satin of constant width, it is possible to apply and impressive filling. In this regard it a little than differs from usual satin.


It is possible to be played with a form of a profile and the ends if the software allows:


It is possible to create effect of fragmentary edge, having adjusted its parameters.


Or to make gradient decrease or density increase on trajectory length, both having used the standard offer, and having adjusted values of density independent.



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