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Introduction to Chenille embroidery



What is Chenille machine embroidery?

Chenille embroidery is textured embroidery that is created by forming loop stitches on the top side of the fabric being embroidered. Using wool, cotton, or acrylic yarns, it creates a unique texture that sets your embroidery apart from common, everyday embroidery designs.

individual letter chenille embroidery design

What do you need ?

You will need a digitizing level of the software, the option for Chenille and a Chenille machine, contact your distributor for information on Chenille machines and software packages. I recommend that you have Illustrator Extreme with the Chenille option pack and fonts.

What units should I use?

When working with Chenille its recommended that your units and density be set to the Metric system as it allows for easier adjustments on values. When using the Metric system every thing is a base of example 10 mm =1 cm one inch equal 2.5 cm or 25 mm.

Recommend secondary tools

In addition to using Pulse I would recommend you have Corel Draw for designing the vector files with all the offset set ready to go, I recommend Corel as you can bring the artwork in using the draw fusion tool. If you design all the designs you will have many more flexible tools for the artwork side before converting it into chenille, ( Optional) you can punch it in Pulse but it may be more time consuming.

Chenille Stock Fonts

When you purchase the Chenille option and font pack you will be given a few fonts , However you may want to check with your distributor about purchasing some of the specialty fonts available. Not all Chenille fonts listed are standard in the Chenille package. Check with your local distributor.

Chenille Tools

Depending on your level and whether you have the option for Chenille you may or may not have these tools. These tools only work with the software for Chenille, regular embroidery machines do not need these tools. CHENIILE TOOLS

Chenille Stitch Types

When working with chenille its important to understand the different applications or types of stitches. In the image below we have high lighted different stitch type and what they look like,


Chenille Tips

When working with chenille you should have a good understanding of the settings, also you need to know how to use your vertex select tool, your artwork tools as its easier to convert artwork to chenille than draw with it. You will also need to know how to reduce nodes and edit the artwork for chenille. 

Computer Recommendations for Chenille

Its very important to have a well tuned digitizing computer, I recommend a Pentium 4 or equivalent Quad core computer with Windows 7 or Windows 8 64 Bit with 8 to 16 GB of ram. I also recommend the fastest chip and at least a 64 MB video card for working on Chenille. If your computer is not fast enough you will have a lot of idle time when converting your large file, and or it will crash causing you to loose your work, the converting process is very taxing on the computer. 
Chenille Uses&nbs

What can you use Chenille for often on sport jackets for racing teams, football , soccer team jackets and or specialized patches. It requires a solid structure to hold the wait, usually stitched on felt which is then stitched on to the jackets. How ever Letterman jackets can hold the stitching well.


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