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Mermaid free embroidery design

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Size: 3.17 x 4.08'

Mermaids are a very popular theme in machine embroidery. T-shirts for a girl or podshka in the room of a young fanzerka. Everywhere you can embroider fanatic motifs. If this is a gift you can add a name or a memorable inscription. More items can be found in our large embroidery library  Special category Little mermaid embroidery collection.

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On 12/14/2014 at 4:37 PM, stitchesnstuff12 said:

 i bought a couple designs of minnie mouse and they stitched out beautifully. however, the free minnie mouse (id#1645) is too large for my frame size. I am working in a 4x4 frame. Is there anyway to get this design resized to be a little smaller so my machine will recognize the file.

Sorry, we can't re size free embroidery designs. You can' us Free embroidery editing software yourself.

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