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Under normal circumstances Tajima LAN based machines will automatically find the design spooler computer on a network using a technology known as multitasking.  In some cases, where there is a large corporate network with a number of switches covering multiple locations, it may be difficult or impossible to use multitasking.  Tajima has updated their firmware to allow a user to specify the address of the design spooler.  This will allow the embroidery machine to connect with the embroidery design spooler without using multitasking.  The attached document from Tajima outlines the process of defining the IP address of the design spooler.

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We have a computer that gives us an error when we try to send a file to an embroidery machine.  I spoke with a support technician at Pulse and he guided me through diagnostics that support the theory that something is shutting down the DesignSpooler.  The technician said that it could be a firewall problem or corrupted software.

When I opened up the LANDesk security, there were 21 "violations" recorded and all of them were DesignSpooler.exe.  I had IT temporarily remove the LANDesk Security, but the error still occurs and we are unable to send a file to the Tajima, 15 needle, TEHX-C1501 embroidery machine.

I decided to download the latest software for that machine, 11.1.15.  When I was running the setup, a window popped up that said, "Tajima DG/ML by Pulse 11 Error"  "Error 27508.Error installing COM+ application DesignSpooler {DesignListServer}. COM+ was unable to talk to the Microsoft Distributed Transaction Coordinator" "ok"

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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