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When i create embroidery with branched areas, how can i change overlap? Example letter a. My customer like format PXF for using in Ambassador.  If he resize my work, may be have a problem (non sewed areas).

Of course I can set it manually by simply digitize overlap. But as it can be set automatically? Example percentage or distance?


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Guys, you not understand. Example, not branched object. This is text.  For convert letter to segment need click right mouse button on letter (CTRL+E) and choose Process --Text to Segment. After that letter may be edited as simple segment . Choose vertex tool and move dots (how you want) and create overlap manually


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I read in Tajima's manual -

To use automatic overlap:
1  Select the branched satin segment.
2  If it is not already displayed, open the Selection Settings panel. 
You see the Segment Settings pages.
3  Click the Quality Control tab.
You see the Quality Control property page.
4  Check the Automatic overlap checkbox.
5  Type a value in the Overlap distance box (The Overlap distance defaults to 2.0 mm/ 0.08 in.).
6  Click OK.

Your branched segment is altered accordingly.


Where this option? I not found.

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