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Blue Dragon free embroidery design

Project for fans of fantasy and dragons. Great free dragon design for denim jacket or pillow. Great job professional. You will like the details made by the elements of the wings and the body of a fantastic creature. Carefully select the color of the thread to make the design brighter.

Archive contained tri parts. For hoop size: 5 x 7'



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Margaret Nelson wrote and explain -

"Tthis is stunning, please correct me if I am wrong. Just to explain. The dragon is achieved in 3 5x7 hoopings. the body and each of the wings . There are no instructions, but placement points have been given. Stitch wing #1 first and it finishes with an alignment mark. Wing #2 starts with the alignment mark and this will take some practice to get it right, but when you have it , then stitch wing #2 and it finishes with an alignment for the body. The body starts with an alignment. When you have it, then finish stitching. That is a challenge for you all. Me. Embrilliance, merge designs and use the 8 x12 hoop and stitch it out all in one."

Embrilliance - embroidery software

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