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Perla 8800S Premium Embroidery Software Demo

1) Click DOWNLOAD DEMO link above

2) Choose SAVE AS and download

3) When download completes UNZIP folder

4) Open folder " Master CD "

5) Please refer to "


Perla8800S_UsersGuide.pdf "

for software installation instructions.

Lettering & Monogramming: Single and Multiple Line Text • Circle Text • Monogram Lettering

Embroidery Fonts:100 Expertly Digitized Lettering Fonts • 10 Monogram Fonts with Built]in Decorations

Embroidery Digitizing Tools: Load Background Image • Auto Trace Background Image • Convert to Supported Stitch embroidery Types

Draw embroidery tools: Straight, Bezier, Freehand

Run: Single, Double, Bean, Motif • Satin Path

Embroidery Complex Fill: Fancy, Motif, Wave • Applique with Satin, Blanket, & Motif Stitches • Power Paste

Templates: Embroidery designs repeated along a path • Circle Template

Automated Wizards: Auto Digitizing Wizard • Cross Stitch Wizard • Split Wizard

Editing Functions: Merge Designs • Group/ Ungroup • Resize, Rotate, Flip • Optimize Entry/Exit Points • Optimize Sequence • Color Sort • Auto Baste • Shape Outlines • Stitch Edit

Supporting Features: Sequence View • Hoop Display Plus Create Your Own • Change Background Color/Fabric

Display: Grid, Stitch Points, 3D View • Stitch Simulator • Print Design Worksheet

Compatible for Windows® XP, Vista, & 7


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